Last week we took a short journey to ‘Far Rockaway‘, a Bar/resturant in Shoreditch. When you peek at this place as you walk past, it bellows out with graffiti art, neon lights & massive tasty-looking pizzas purched on table tops with an array of interesting characters inside. I was chuffed to finally try it out.
 But first…..Coffee.   

Goodhood is fast becoming one of my favourite stores, it is more of a boutique, with a collection of well designed, well cut, fantistically eclectic clothes and accessories for the taking.
 I only go once in a while as its quite pricey but also downstairs is a collection of homeware complete with coffee bar, so we got our fix!

We sat with our friends and watched the rugby game (England v New Zeland). I’m quite new to the world of rugby so I found it quite fun and entertaining! A few minutes in, we got our drinks and then the food came, We were all SO hungry and couldn’t wait to chow down! 
My friend A.J and I went for the hot dogs (had half of each others – a normal one and a chilli dog, I preferred the normal)
We also had chicken wings and legs for the table and pulled pork fries. I wouldn’t recommend the wings, the sauce is quite different to anything else i’ve tasted and some may like it but it wasn’t for us! However THOSE FRIES….damn! 
It was all quickly devoured, we watched the rest of the game with a few drinks and then headed home to get ready for a night out – I absolutely loved the whole atmosphere of the place. 
It has a U.S vibe but is even brighter, quirkier and more playful than most bars in the states that i’ve been to. 
Its such an amazing hybrid of the Shoreditch art and creativity and the American food, service and oversized everything (the bigger the better!) 
I’d recommend it! 
S xx 
Top – Monki / Jeans – Topshop / Boots – Vagabond / Coat – Pull&bear (Over a year ago)