Now I know I talk quite a lot about coffee, but I don’t think i’ve gone into my home coffee routine before. 
Some days (rainy days usually) I just don’t feel like venturing outside and so I make my own tasty coffee at home – This is usually how it goes!
I have an espresso machine which I sometimes use but recently i’ve been using a French press, I find it brings out a lot more of the flavour of the beans and I honestly just really enjoy the process. I have quite a few of their different flavours which range from ‘Rhubarb & custard’ to ‘Bread and butter pudding and vanilla custard’ (which I went with this time, couldn’t resist!) 
I just boil the kettle, add 5 or 6 scoops to my French press (this one is rather large), add the boiling water and let it all steep for about 5 minutes. I then plunge the press and leave for another few minutes until the coffee settles.
I then add some brown sugar because I have a bit of a sweet-tooth, I pour the coffee into the cup and add a little milk, as much as I would to tea. I usually use almond milk but we had run out!
Stir and enjoy!
I usually do this little routine in the morning but sometimes I pour a cup of Joe at lunchtime or in the afternoon and I take to my computer to work through some emails, write a post or edit a video or two.
(or to watch videos of funny cats and dogs…)
I also have a code for you guys if you’re as loco about coffee as I am!
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It’ll save you £5.95 off of the usual price, Hope you guys enjoy!
Happy Caffeination! 
S x

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