Noir & Blanc

Jumper – Topshop (similar) | Skirt – Urban Outfitters* | Coat – Missguided (On sale!) | Boots – Allsaints | Necklace – Zara | Bag – Zara | Earmuffs – Urban Outfitters

Hey guys!
So since I last posted I have been away in France for christmas, Jason and I went skiing (my first time doing so) with another couple who are friends of ours and we got back a few days ago.
I wanted to post while I was out there but the internet connection was TERRIBLE! 
Beforehand though we took some snaps back in London, I put together this outfit starting with the skirt as a base because I love it! The sheer material looks awesome especially in photos I think, but as it is obviously not a warm material I tried to bulk the rest of the outfit up a bit.
I’ll have pictures up soon of our little trip away, a photo diary as usual!
Also – We have a new family member as of today, a little brother for Riley! Their new instagram (Riley’s updated Insta) is @RileyandFranklin if you want to have a little sneak peek!
I’m sure he’ll be in a video soon too.

Exciting times!

I hope you all had a smashing christmas and have a happy new year!
Sammi x