Current Book Recommendations

I posted about how much i’ve been loving my Sali Hughes ‘Pretty honest’ book on my Instagram page recently and it sparked up a bit of an interest about books I would recommend, so I thought why not share with you some books I have enjoyed and would recommend?
How you can talk to anyone in any situation
I’ve spoken about it on my youtube channel a little before, but I am someone who has struggled with and still does struggle a little bit with social anxiety (It’s got TONS better, with help from this book) This book changed the whole way I look at social situations, life and interaction – Pretty much from the first chapter. 
It is written in a relatable way, its very easy to read, there is no difficult language used and it basically puts everything in black and white. It explains the reasons why we sometimes think the way we do and gives you tools to put into use to help. I cant praise it enough, it has helped me become a more confident and less anxious person.
The Confidence Factor 
Now speaking of confidence, This book is another winner, I haven’t actually finished reading this book yet but I am about half way through. This book also gives you many tools and examples to help you put them into action and really get what you want out of life without being shy and pussy-footing around anything. it challenges the way that you see things and yourself. Its easy to read, easily understandable and inspiring. 
The Body Book
I don’t think this book received the attention that it deserves, It’s by Cameron Diaz (She has another lady do the actual writing) and gives you a ton of information on your body, food, how everything works & why and what your body needs the most. Again i’m about halfway through this but I have loved every single chapter so far. 
Incredibly informative, insightful and relatable – Has altered the way I see food.
Pretty Honest
The book that sparked this post, I am slightly late to the party here – this book is incredibly successful for a very good reason. Beauty expert Sali Hughes writes about everything us women deal with beauty-wise. From makeup to hairdresser etiquette and what to expect at your first bikini wax, it is straight-talking & has tons of great tips and tricks. It’s a book I already know that I want to pass down to my children and grandchildren so that they have a point of reference for all things beauty. 
Eat, Pray, Love
I was never really a religious person, and only had a small idea about spirituality until I read this book. I saw the film, fell in love with it (now one of my favourites) and went to buy the book straight away. It doesn’t shove religion down your throat through by any means. It is about a woman who after having relationship after relationship, went on a trip to three different countries in an attempt to find herself
It is just beautiful, you can see parts of yourself in her (I think maybe people would anyway), She leaves New york and travels to Rome to reconnect with food and pleasure (not sexually), then to India to learn meditation and finally to Bali to learn to love again. 
I totally recommend this, I rewatch the film alot too because its just so enlighting but also beautifully shot and acted. 
(I have also read quite a few books on my kindle recently including The Celestine prophesy, The four agreements and am currently reading Before I go to sleep)
The last picture is an out-take – Jason moving little franklin our new puppy but I just had to include it! I’ll do a full post on him soon!
Hope you enjoyed this,  Let me know & I could make this more regular!
Sammi x