As you guys might know, Jason and I went skiing for christmas with two friends of ours (also a couple) in the french alps. 
We had snow on the second half of the holiday so on the first half we did a little bit of exploring which started with visiting the town of Evian where we drunk from the source tap and met a German woman who insisted on giving us all a cuddle!

The pictures above are from Chrstmas day, as there was no snow on the day (sob) we decided to hike halfway up the mountain we were staying on and once we got to the top we cracked open a bottle of red wine, the boys carved sticks and A.J and I went off to take a few snaps, nibble on chocolate and breathe in the fresh, crisp air. 
It was an amazing and eye-opening day – the scenery, Lake (it was by lake Geneva) and mountains just put everything into perspective.

Boxing day breakfast, missing this so much! (yes, there was amaretto) 
Hope you guys liked this little peek into our christmas! hope you all had a great one =]

if you guys wanted to check out Liam and A.J, Liam has just started a youtube channel which is to motivate, inspire and teach others about what you want in life, business and pleasure. 

A.J is starting out in photography and if you’d like to check out her instagram click here, she’s planning to start a blog soon too! (a former model…gawjuss!) 
Sammi x