A few days ago I met up with my friend Em Sheldon (who runs a fabulous blog on beauty, style & travel) at the Riding House cafe off Oxford St. We met up to have a good old chinwag and a bite to eat. I booked the table last minute because I had heard about this place and thought we could give it a try for brunch.
The joint is bustling and busy, full of trendy folk and city workers on their lunch breaks, chattering away. It is all quite open plan except for the part where we ate which was its own room. 
It has quite the electric vibe but the decor evens it out a little with hints of traditional old school british decoration & exposed brick walls. (We also spotted some stuffed squirrels which we rather hoped weren’t real!)
Before eating we took pictures of the food for about 10 minutes…naturally
I wouldn’t recommend the soya coffee..but the rest of the food…scrumptious! 
I had Eggs Royale and Em went for the Eggs Hussard which are an amped up Eggs Benedict.
 Em says hers was delicious and I thought the same. Mine was probably the best Eggs Royale i’ve had out. Cooked to perfection and the Hollandaise sauce was very flavourful.
We agreed that they have a very diverse menu – we were spoilt for choice! The food didn’t take long to come (around 10 minutes). The staff were friendly and helpful, very polite. Would definitely go again!
Afterwards we strolled down Oxford Street but were swiftly attacked by a London downpour! We legged it to Topshop (as you do) and found the Photo Booth – perfect rainy day activity!
It was so lovely to spend some more time with Em, she is the sweetest person and the more we chat the more we realise we have in common! Em is on Youtube now too, check out her channel if you haven’t!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post – Oh, my last pointer is to book a table at The riding house cafe if you are planning to go because it can get super busy =]
Sammi xxx