Dress – ASOS | Boots – GANNI | Scarf – Topshop | Watch – Urban Outfitters | Coat – Zara (sale)

Strolling around Hoxton on a breezy but still fairly warm day in London. Since there’s a little bit of sun recently its spurred me on to lighten up my colour palette (a bit).
I adore this scarf from Topshop which I first spotted on the lovely Hannah Maggs (Michalak), it’s so big, warm, soft and also gives a bit of a classy grown-up look to outfits due to the colour.
It’s actually one like I used to see my nan wear, but I think thats kind of cool! #Nans
This dress has actually sold out with SUCKS! But i’ve linked some similar ones just incase.
Hope you’re all enjoying the recent sunshine!
Sammi x