During my stay I had the chance to have a one on one with Cammie Cannella – Vice president of education and customer relations at Kiehls.
She gave me a tour around the shop, talked through the history of the brand and I also had a skin consultation.
This information was invaluable to me, To learn to much about where the brand came from, about the thought & process behind so many of the products and to learn more about the new daily reviving concentrate (The one in the pretty yellow bottle) had me leaving in awe.
I love the product already so was chuffed to know more about it!

I took a trip to New York with Kiehls during NYFW – One of my favourite cities in the world. It was a brief trip in the end but we tried to pack as much in as we could in the short amount time we had.
I was a little stunned at how hot it was over there (it reached 30 degrees Celsius one day) but it made the city even more bright & beautiful in the glimmering sun.
We stayed in the ever-so-trendy Dream Downtown which has me begging to go back, highly recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere to stay – it also meant we could explore Chelsea & Soho which I fell head over heels for.
More to follow x