I took a little trip to Topshop…

I recently had my first personal shopping experience in Oxford street’s Topshop. I had always passed by the personal saying section, always telling myself that some day I would try it out but usually being in way too much of a rush.
I was so pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the staff, the casual attitude – as in they are not pushy with clothing at all and are very happy to fetch you whatever you like and grab different sizes for you – and the big room you get all to yourself to dance around in while you change…(it can’t just be me?)

Beforehand I filled in a few details for them via email, to save time so they that they could pull items for me before I got there and I was there for around an hour, which went SO quickly.
I tried many items I would not have thought to grab myself but which I was pleasantly surprised by and I am still planning to go back and get some of the items I didn’t get on the day.

I was in desperate need of some new jeans and some basics so in the end I got two pairs of Jamie jeans (Slightly stretchy, give you a good perky bum and they cut off at the perfect place on your ankle) and a tee which I think would give you that cool ‘off-duty model’ look.
Then I went for this black side slit versatile top which is such a simple piece which I know will last me forever and its so timeless – and lastly some burgundy pumps which I wouldn’t think much of if passing them by but which look and feel amazing on.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the personal shopping department if you have some time to spare one day. I had a ball!
Have you had a personal shopping experience?