Shirt – Zara / Trousers – &OtherStories / Boots – topshop
Jacket – Boda Skins / Neck Tie – Zara 

This was one of the proudest days of my life,  which may seem a little silly to some, but as someone who has always dreamed of being able to afford and purchase her first Chanel bag and have that full CHANEL store experience, I have to say – it was a good one and worth the hard work & wait.

This comes with no flutter of the hand, eye-roll and pretend-attitude that this is no big deal, I am ecstatic to finally have my own little quilted, classic beauty – one that is all mine, one that can grow and wear with me and that is somewhat of a personal benchmark for me in life.

Without too much blabber, I had visited the store before to get a very clear idea of what I wanted and returned a few months later with my research done and a clear idea of what I wanted, I was helped by a wonderful assistant (Message me or comment down below if perhaps you would like her name for when/if you go) it still took around an hour while I tried it on, tried different leathers and choices of hardware, just to make sure and then I finally said ‘I’ll take it’.

I will do another post very soon on the reveal, (Well, I don’t do ‘reveals’ usually – I’ll probably just wear it with an outfit) and thank you to the kind & knowledgable assistants at CHANEL on Bond St for making my day very special, I would highly recommend going to the beautiful London store, even if you just want to feel inspired and relish in all things classically Coco.

S x