A run-down of holidaying in Mauritius, my tips, pros and cons

I usually share a photo-diary of places I have visited across our little old globe but this time I wanted to do something similar but with a touch more info and depth.
I hope by now you’re not sick of me mentioning my time in Mauritius, I basically got very over-excited while we were there and begged Jason to shoot lots of different outfits for me and now I feel like we should be over it – but hey ho!
We enjoyed our relaxing time on the island and I have popped a few of my thoughts above, I also wanted to add that we witnessed the most beautiful sunsets along the west coast of the island and if you were thinking of visiting, I believe the nicest hotels are mostly on the west and north-east sides – We took a trip to Grand Baie, a popular town in the north but we weren’t terribly impressed with what it had to offer and didn’t really understand the hype.
That said, overall it was perfect for what we wanted in terms of scenery, atmosphere and a sense of calm. We wanted to do so many more things while we were there so if you do go, do book in for trips at the beginning so you definitely end up going!
The weather was a little hit and miss while we were there because we mistook their summer for being perfect weather when in fact it was their rainiest season of the year – So I would recommend missing out Jan & Feb if you can as some days we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves due to the cloud & rain.
Overall, a beautiful green luscious land, very accommodating and friendly people, amazing food and the perfect place to go if you want to just zone-out for a bit.
Hope this was helpful if you have been thinking of travelling there,
Sammi x