What is it that switches you from a negative mind-set to a positive one? What is it that gives you that final push to get up, out of the house and to move your body? What is it that stops your procrastination and starts your motivation? For me, externally it is music and internally a drive to constantly be in competition with myself.

I want to take a minute to talk about what really gets me going and keeps me wanting to better myself.

What gets me going is having (& keeping) a clear outlook, being in tune with myself, knowing what I want in the short and the long run and on a more external level, music helps me in a number of ways to kickstart my motivation.
Whether it be blasting upbeat songs to get me pumped to go running, to getting my butt down to the gym or choosing my ‘electronic concentration’ playlist on Spotify and knuckling down to designing, editing or writing.

What is it that makes me want to better myself? 
I believe we should all have a big appetite to want to grow, expand comfort zones and go one step further in whatever aspect of life we want to focus on and change. That is personally what keeps me happy and keeps me feeling satisfied.
When that comes to work motivation, it means not sitting and comparing yourself to the next blogger or colleague but looking back at your own work and zooming out, having a look at your own bigger picture – your work as a whole over last year or so and from there, seeing where you need to put more focus, more energy, what you want to excel in and what aspects of your work you perhaps should stop if they are not helping you push forward.

Above are my Bose Speakers, they are the best speakers I have used and I use them to pep me up or calm me down with soothing mellow music. The sound quality is immense and I love when speakers give a good amount of base which these do. I highly recommend them if you need some for your home/work space, I think they blend in well with my desk too.

So if your chosen area of growth is fitness, here are a few of my personal workout tips,
I am in no way a personal trainer but these are things I personally go by and what help me in my fitness routine.

Do it in the morning! I find that if I leave my workout till the evening it is much easier for me to make excuses for myself and my energy level is much lower by then too.
If you aren’t able to go in the morning, then try to make the evening workout one that keeps you engaged rather than a solo gym workout if that bores you, I personally love Spinning and Yoga.

– I try to keep in the front of my mind, that working out isn’t all about trying to get the ‘perfect body’ but it is also a majorly effective form of therapy and emotional release. It’s good for mental health, especially if you suffer from anxiety and it is also healthy for your body (sounds obvious I know) but the body craves to be strong and fit by nature.

Keep your playlist interesting. Alot of the time in the gym I will do a similar routine (even though I probably shouldn’t) and having the same old music going to match just gets less and less motivating.
I am always flicking through Spotify and playing different songs & genres, I also love playing 90’s hip hop because it is nostalgic and keeps me feeling light-hearted.

Do not overwork yourself, give yourself rest days.
I am 100% an all or nothing person, so when I get back into my fitness routine I tend to want to workout everyday and start beating myself up if I miss a day of the week – which is just not healthy.
Your body needs rest days, it needs time to recover. Having a day off isn’t going to hold you back, if anything it will make you stronger for your next session, as long as you’re eating right too.

Finally, here are a few of my favourite workout songs, these get me super pumped and I always love knowing what other people’s favourite workout songs are! Let me know yours down below, I love adding to my playlist!

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness [Steve Aoki remix]
Waze & Odyssey – Bump & Grind
ASAP Rocky – Wild for the night
ASTR – Operate
Childish Gambino – WORLDSTAR
Kanye West – All Day / Black Skinhead / Ni**as in Paris
Britney – Work Bitch
Rihanna – Red Lipstick
Skrillex – Make it bun dem
Yeah yeah yeah’s – Heads will roll [A-Trak Remix]
Hayden James – Something about you
Matin Garrix – Animals
The Avener & Phoebe Killdeer – Fade out lines

Sammi x

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