I know I’m incredibly out of season here, but I have to share some of my time on this beautiful island,  even if just to look back on when i’m sitting back in our London flat with the dwindling heating on,  rocking backward and forward in despair about the failure that is called ‘weather’ there….anyway..
I bought this swimsuit in green and red because it looked smashing on the model (duh) and I was so happy that it fit well on me too, though I would say to go one-up if you have a sizeable chest on you.
I love the high leg cut because you don’t feel too conservative while being in this style of swimsuit, Its a great alternative to wearing a bikini, especially if you plan on eating more that day 😉
I was at a slight disadvantage while bikini shopping for this holiday because of the the time of year but thank god for ASOS! I feel so rejuvenated and re-charged after some time in the sun, 
Soon we head back to London in time for Fashion Week but I did manage to shoot some looks while i’ve been out here so keep an eye out!
Sammi x