I took my mum along to have a special pamper day at Selfridges on Oxford street…

As I am outfit obsessed (and these new jeans came in the mail and I was excited to wear them)
I wanted to include my look that day as it is one of my current favourites! I got this bomber from Topshop and its insane! I can’t find it online but if it comes back in stock I will be sure to link.

So me and my mum headed up to Selfridges early on Thursday morning, excited for the day ahead – All she knew was that it was going to be a full on pamper session. She is a very practical, no-fuss, indifferent-to-makeup kind of woman so I was especially excited for her to experience a good old pamper and thankfully she LOVED it!
First up was a manicure at Cowshed which has it’s own little room at the back of the beauty department in Selfridges and is hard to miss.
The technicians were very friendly and bubbly (speaking of which, we had a glass of that too) and the hour went by faster than I would have liked!

Next up we had a facial at Facegym, which was like nothing I had ever experienced before! They cleanse your skin, then they do ‘face cardio’, then a slower moving massage which tones the muscles, followed by an electrical lifting machine (you can buy them to use at home too if you wish – VERY interested) and then finishing up with some tailored oils/creams to help with your personal skin concerns.
I left feeling revitalised, a little more knowledgable about my face and wanting more! I highly recommend Facegym if you want something that really feels like it’s worked and to whip your face into shape.

Afterwards, we hopped over to Charlotte Tilbury where we both had a makeover by their talented (and fabulous) artists – I had Sergio who was so personable and gave me the ‘Golden Goddess’ look.
Then it was on to Daniel Galvin where we had hair treatments and I then went for a modern, loose curl look. My hair was blow-dried and curled to perfection and I have never felt it this soft before. *Feels Hair*
(They are soon updating the salon there so do check out the brand new one in a few weeks)

To finish the day, we ended up at The Corner – I have been shopping at Selfridges for years and had no clue this even existed, so a good one to look out for if you want a decadent, atmospheric and friendly place to have a spot of lunch or afternoon tea on Oxford street (with a view too).
The tea was delicious and we sat and nattered away for what must have been a few hours, forgetting about anything else and catching up, as I don’t get to see my mum as much as I would like!
(Que photo of me trying to look cute while eating finger food)

When it was all over, we made our way home, feeling very spoiled indeed! Neither of us are very used to such treatment and we felt extremely grateful and somewhat fabulous leaving with a whole new head of hair, face of makeup and a belly full of cake.


If you would like to treat your mum this mothers day then do head down to Selfridges – They will be offering lots of luxurious pampering experiences this weekend, also with personalised gift wrapping and topped off with a sparkling glass of Prosecco for all!

Sammi x