We had such a fun time in Val D’isere, Jason & I went skiing with our friends Hannah and Stef for the week and it was one of the most challenging physical/mental activities that I have done, but I was extremely determined and persistent to get good at it.
For the first few days I could only do parts of green (the easiest) runs and by the end of the holiday I skied all the way down the mountain, feeling exhilarated and so happy that I pushed myself!
These are the key points I would mention/suggest if a friend were to ask me about the trip and what to bring etc.
I am now itching to get back on to the slopes which I never thought would happen and if you haven’t been skiing before (this was my second trip but on my first we didn’t have much snow) then prepare for it to possibly be a difficult learning curve but just keep practicing!
I would also say to go with people of your own skiing ability – it will make it much more fun!

Sammi x