I have been a fan of the frank body Original Body Scrub for years now – I use it usually when I am having a pamper session at home and I want to give my skin a really effective exfoliation. I especially love their motto – ‘Get naked, Get dirty, Get rough, Get clean’

I’m sure many of you know that I love my coffee in the morning, also pretty much whenever I can get my hands on it – But there are also benefits to using it on your skin;
It’s a great exfoliation and it has the same PH level as your skin, meaning it won’t dry it out. It stimulates blood flow and is also high in antioxidants – targeting free radicals which cause skin imperfections.

If you haven’t used the scrub before, then this is how its done:

1. Get naked: strip down and get in the shower
2. Get dirty: cover yourself in water & then apply the scrub. frank body is best served wet.
3. Get rough: thoroughly scrub your body. The aim is to scrub in circular motions so that your blood flow is stimulated, especially in troublesome areas or on stretch marks and cellulite.
4. Get clean: thoroughly massage the scrub off your bod, leaving your skin with a natural residue of oil.

What I love about the frank body Original Body Scrub and Body Balm is that their products are natural. They leave my skin supple and moisturised while also being fun to use.

The Body Balm can be used to give even more moisture to the skin after a scrub session and it leaves a lovely sheen on the skin which definitely helps to get a luscious summer-leg look, as we now head into Spring!

If you are interested in giving them a go for yourself then you can check out the ‘An Original Introduction’ bundle which includes both products and it’s RRP is £24.95 – It is avaliable on frankbody.com
It’s nice to have a chat about body care on the blog as recently I have been so fashion-focused but skincare and body-care are both massive interests of mine. I have tried many products in the past and I highly recommend these, after years of use!  – Let me know if you have used them and what you thought!

Sammi x