A round-up and visual dive into my 5 days in Santorini

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For anyone who doesn’t know much about the little Greek island of Santorini (And I can’t believe thats many of you, it’s heavily travelled-to in the blogosphere),  It is a volcanic Cyclade island situated in the Aegean sea which has risen extensively in popularity due to it being so darn photogenic.

Walking around the little streets of Oia you would think the place is sponsored by either Canon or Nikon or that there is some sort of camera expo happening on the island. Everyone is snap-happy but it also means that people there understand that everyone is trying to get that ‘perfect shot’ so people are quite accommodating and quick to dart out of your frame or take a picture for you if you so need.

I have been to many Greek Islands in my time (err, 26 years) and my main pointers for Santorini would be to make sure you get a hotel or room with a pool because the temperatures get very high and the beaches there aren’t the highlight of the island by any means.
It isn’t cheap, as the Island is so popular now and has a high influx of tourists so the prices have inevitably risen too. It’s probably not the island to go to if you are on a tight budget, restaurants tend to be priced similarly to London. (Unless of course you find some hidden gems)

It’s somewhere to go if you want to wander streets, explore rooftops, secret corners and doorways for photos or just for your own pleasure. Or to just chill at your room/hotel.
I wouldn’t say that it’s the place to go if you like a bit of liveliness at night – We were confused about what everyone does at night-time in Oia, after 9pm it seems like lights out, even though the town Fira is supposed to have a little more going on. (And we aren’t heavy ravers by any means)
I would say that a week here might be a little too long if you are someone who gets bored easily but again if you are seeking pure relaxation, it would probably be perfect!
Have you visited Santorini? What were your thoughts?

Sammi x