On what seemed like it might have been one of the last warm & sunny days of the year (I know it doesn’t look it here – but it was before this picture!) – Jason and I decided to visit Richmond Park. I actually used to live in Richmond for about a year and a half and for some bizarre reason I never actually went to the park!

Now, when I say park, don’t be fooled – It is a vast stretch of land (For London anyway). Fields, Ponds, wildlife, densely wooded areas and also calmer, prettier spots which are perfect for picnicking.

[The picture above was taken just outside the park but you can probably see it in the distance of this photo]




I have been nagging all summer for us to have a picnic and finally I we got to do it! We grabbed some of our favourite types of snacks and picking food – filled up a bottle of cold orange juice and found a nice spot to delve into everything and to take in the peaceful surroundings.

It was so nice and relaxing to go somewhere in London where you actually have some space around you, where there are no buildings for as far as the eye can see and where you can spot beautiful birds and even bump into some deer on your way back to the car park (Can you tell i’m getting old?).

I believe there are over 600 Deer within Richmond Park which is amazing seeing as its just a stones throw away from the complete opposite types of surroundings.



My favourite part was ending our little picnic with scones – I am obsessed with scones! I always do cream and then jam – Which way do you guys do it?

I was 24 weeks pregnant here and I really had no clue what to wear for a picnic, even though that sounds weird. Sitting in a tight dress in the sun & eating is the last thing I ever want to do – pregnant or not! – so I went for one of my trusty Free People dresses and popped some shorts on underneath so that there were no mishaps.

I hope you’ve liked a little peek into our picnic in the park and I highly recommend giving Richmond park a visit – Even for somewhere different to go to walk your dogs or for a long walk to really clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

I would even go as far as to say it’s my favourite park in London i’ve visited so far 🙂

Sammi x

Photography – Jason Davis