My ‘normal’ clothes would no longer fit me after my first trimester, I mean, I have juggled my wardrobe to the extreme during pregnancy so that I can still wear some of my normal clothes but when it came to jeans or anything that was size 8 from the boobs down, I felt like it was time for me to turn to the unfamiliar world of ‘maternity wear’.

I have never known or been around many pregnant women and so I hadn’t really heard of or realised how utterly atrocious maternity wear is.

It is just abysmal…It says…’I give up’.

‘I now turn my complete sense of personal style over to the dark & miserable fashion underworld.’

You get the idea.


S H O P  T H E  L O O K

This is just my take on the majority of it obviously – Some women might love whats on offer – but for me, trying to not completely lose the part of myself which I have so much fun channelling through my daily outfits became a major challenge.

There are some shops which stock a few items which aren’t terrible, i.e Topshop – their elasticated maternity jeans saved me during the second trimester (now though in my third, I find they they simply fall down too easily) and ASOS stock some items which you can still feel somewhat good about yourself in but for the most part – over the nine months i’ve had to teach myself some new tricks for shopping for and dressing a bump.


The easiest way of course is to just wear skin-tight dresses for months on end, which can get tiresome, but it can look much more flattering sometimes – your arms and upper half are hugged in and slim-lined while your bump is protruding & is somewhat ‘celebrated’ – it’s also a great way of nabbing a seat on the train if you don’t have a bump badge.

I would wear tight dresses sometimes but I am by no means a girl who feels comfortable in tight clothes, it just doesn’t feel like me. 

Also I am here to remind you that just because you’re not wearing tight clothes 24/7 it doesn’t mean in any way that you aren’t proud of your new bump – some women just prefer to feel like themselves while pregnant, which can be difficult in other ways anyway…let alone just within the clothes you choose to put on for the day!

What I tend to look out for on the high street and what I have felt the most comfortable in are:


Jumper Dresses

Off the shoulder flowy tops

smock/swing dresses

thick maternity leggings

Oversized tee’s

Wrap dresses

Maxi dresses

& Stretchy Jumpsuits


People might not always realise you are pregnant in some of these pieces but at least it might be able to give you that extra bit of self-confidence when you step out of the house.

There have been countless mornings where I have opened my wardrobe, stood there for a good 10 minutes and just felt miserable.

I wanted to wear clothes that I felt good in! I didn’t want to wear some disgusting floral print midi dress which I felt like I was obliged to wear….and I didn’t!

i’ve pretty much given maternity wear the middle finger for the most part and I wanted to write this post to say that you can do the same too if you want to.


S H O P  N O N – M A T E R N I T Y  W E A R



off-shoulder tops


Sammi x