MY HOME | The Living Room

Welcome to my living room. I recently posted a video where I showed you around my living room. I talked about how I wanted the room to feel and what my favourite pieces are. I wanted to share my favourite room of the house here too, because I have always thought that video and photography give such different feels, even to the same topic or subject. 

We are renting, so the house isn't exactly how we would design/decorate if it were our own place, but this is what i've done with it so far (even since these snaps i've added a few bits!) My favourite item in the room is our Crumpet sofa from Loaf. I am so enamoured with the rich colour of it, I feel like it really sets the mood for the room. (I was going for calm, mellow, comfortable and cosy)

I have tried to add touches of texture and theme to the room, one theme of the room seems to be black lines, which actually happened quite naturally as I was gradually collecting pieces of decor for the room but I like the mix of this with the faux-fur which is dotted around the room too.

I have added touches of gold to the room too, I think blue and gold match each other really well and the gold helps bring a warmth to the room. Another thing that I think makes the room look a little more inviting is wood, like the wooden side-table next to our sofa, it helps makes the room look more liveable. 

If you'd like to hear me natter more about the house do check out my video, but I hope you've enjoyed this snoop around the room!


Sammi x




Sofa - Loaf

TV Stand - Loaf 

Arch Mirror - Lighting Direct 

Shaggy rug - Homesense 

Glass box - Decorum 

Prints & Frames - Desinio 

Faux Palm - Rose & Grey 

Wicker lantern holder - Trouva