Things have been a little quiet on the old blog 'e wog as of late, 

Over the last few months I have been trying the juggle work, a baby, keeping on top of my mental & physical health, trying to upkeep some sort of social life while also trying to find childcare. That is not a walk in the park I tell ya! 

We finally though have found the perfect childcare for Indie and so I am able to work much more now and am able to use my time more wisely (Still getting the hang of it though!)

A slight website update is on it's way soon as there are just a few tweaks i've been wanting to make to the site and soon it should also load much quicker as I know a few have you have messaged me recently still saying that the images take a long time to load, so i'm working on it!

Now for the outfit, I bought this top a little while ago now from the chicest shop in London (IMO), Alex Eagle. You wouldn't know it's there, it's hidden away on Lexington street in Soho. 

It is a brilliantly curated and displayed fashion & lifestyle store but you can also book yourself in for a treatment downstairs (I did once and it was AMAZING, it's what got me into MV Organic skincare)

It's the kind of place I'll go into and know I can/should probably only pick up one thing but I quite like that sometimes as you really take your time finding what feels 100% right for you. 

I digress, While we were shooting I said that I feel like an 'Editor' in this outfit (I wish!) It's smartened up by the longline coat but kept casual by the t-shirt & Jeans, which are super comfy. 

If I worked in an office this would be my perfect kind of casual work-day outfit!

S x



Coat - &Otherstories

Tee - Alex Eagle

Jeans - Topshop

Bag - Allsaints

Boots - Zara (Similar for 39.99 - Ego)

Earrings - &Otherstories