Location - Soneva Jani, Maldives



So I want away last week on the most insane trip of a lifetime, all thanks to Benefit. It was for the unveiling of their brand new mascara 'Bad gal bang', which I am so excited to start using! I'll be talking about it much more in the future i'm sure. 

We travelled to somewhere I have always wanted to visit and to be honest I never thought in a million years I would get the chance to go there...The Maldives! 

I had to put together my 'winter sun' wardrobe pretty sharpish because it went from 'Christmas time', quickly to... 'start prepping & packing time' So I picked up some new pieces for the trip and also took with me some long-standing fail-safe items too. 

I wanted to share with you some pieces that could be useful for you to pack for your holiday wardrobe. I say they are 'winter sun' items because at this time of year, most of us haven't even started thinking about starting on our summer wardrobes just yet and so choosing just a few key items to take away seemed to be the best option for me. 

N E W  G O O D I E S 

I wanted to pick up just a few pieces for this trip. I wanted the update my usual summer holiday looks with items which are much more on-trend at the moment but which are very easy to pair with existing items I already own. For example I've had this black strappy vest top for over a year but this is a brand new skirt from Topshop. This was such an easy outfit to throw together.

Here are some more pieces that have caught my eye.

O L D  G O O D I E S 

Then, there are just some items that you know and love and that will work with anything else in your wardrobe. You probably own these already but just incase, here are some items that I consider Summer wardrobe essentials. You might want to add to/update your capsule summer wardrobe early!

M I N I  G O O D I E S 

If you have no time to pick up anything else, just grab a few new accessories. I love that oversized colourful accessories are everywhere at the moment because it means that it is extremely easy to update your summer look. Even with just a pair of red tassel earrings or some humble hoops.