I'm going to be very honest, with most aspects of my job I am always coming up with new and fun (to me) ideas on what I can post and i'm always planning ahead for different content, being pretty confident that it will work out well. 

This happens here on my blog too in the way of pulling outfits for shoots...but when I try to think of what to simply sit down and write about my mind goes annoyingly blank. I'm not sure why this is but as I said at the beginning of the year, I want to write about many more personal things this year...and so here I am. 

I was racking my brains today and one topic that did stick out to me as something I am always very active with is staying focused. Staying focused in regards to my general life plan, focus on my work or focus on bettering myself as a person and in self-growth. It can apply to many things in my life but I would say for the most part that I choose certain goals and I do steam towards them and check on myself regularly to make sure that i'm still on track. (Did you like that little train pun? eh?!)


So, setting goals is the easy part and i'm sure you don't need to be walked through that by any means, especially after the focus on it during new-years.

I want to chat a bit more about how I STAY focused, which can often be the tricky part. 

I tend to come back to each and every goal I have set myself at least every week and I look back at everything I have done so far to help me come a step closer to it. E.g if it is to loose weight I will see how I am feeling about my current progress and if i'm not as happy as I want to be, i'll know that it's because I didn't get to the gym 'X' amount of times that week like usual. I can then reassess what i'm doing and what I need to change in my routine, I find keeping on top of this as often as weekly is much more effective than every month (for example). It's hard to change your day-to-day routine only by tweaking habits every month. 

On my way to a life goal I will make sure to set visual reminders of my progress. An easy one to explain would be my constant promise to myself of trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe. I will look back at my Instagram or style videos every week to see where where I have implemented that into my life. This keeps me motivated and is a positive reminder to myself that I am slowly getting there. 

I will keep myself inspired. Say I have set myself a goal to do much more writing on my blog - something which I do find a challenge to sit down and do. I will keep in mind favourite blogs of mine which regularly post great written content, so that I can bring that inspiration and drive with me for when I sit down myself to write. 

I tend to tell people (or at least one person) about my goals. I find that sharing your goals with other people can help you feel driven because you know that you are being held accountable for whatever decision that made. You can't quietly slink away pretending that the plan never happened if you have someone (positively) asking how that plan of yours is doing and how far you are coming along. It's also really nice to share that success at the end with others too and you could do the same for someone else in return.

A little bit of a cheesy one but I always keep in mind what I am doing it all for. There is usually a big reason as to why you are pushing yourself to accomplish more in life. For me  a huge drive is my daughter Indie. She is one year old and I work my butt off so that she is able to have a good start in life and also so that she will always see her mum working hard, I hope that I can be an inspiration to her in the future so that in turn, I can be her drive too. 



These are the main things I do to keep me on my path to what I hope is success (lol). I think it is so important to keep a check on yourself and your progress and it is also important to give yourself a huge pat on the back and to be kind to yourself! I really try not to beat myself up if i'm not as close to a goal as I want to be because sometimes...life. I do though try to pep myself up and sometimes I'll try a different strategy if what I am doing doesn't seem to be working. 

Life is way too short to be too hard on yourself as silly as that might sound...but it's true! All we can do is try to stay as close to the path we've chosen as possible and do our bloody best! 

If you have advice on how you stay focused do leave it down below as it's always good to pick up new tips!