So, I went to New York in January and….obviously I’m posting this in April (lol) 

BUT, I have had these photos waiting to go up for so long and I still wanted to share what I captured from our time in NY with you. I see it as a little travel log - it’s so nice for me to come back to these myself to reminisce. So here are my postcards from the big apple. 

Every time I visit NY I honestly feel like you have to pull me back home kicking and screaming (internally). If we didn’t have a child I’d definitely try to live there for a while, I am truly obsessed. 

We visited for a mix of work and play. I was going to write a ‘Where to visit in NY’ sort of post but I wasn’t sure how helpful that would be, however if you would like me to write a detailed one, let me know and I shall! I’m going to mention a few places in this post anyway because we found a few gems. 

Somewhere I definitely have to mention is Juanchi’s, Oh. My. god. 

I found this spot just while I was googling for a good burger place in Brooklyn because we were heading there that day and this was one of the top choices. 

If you are a burger fan you simply HAVE to go. What I especially loved was that it’s kind of a fusion burger joint, mixing Mexican and Caribbean ingredients and flavours. (They are both some of my favourite type of food).

They even have the choice of black buns which are infused with charcoal. The vibe inside was my favourite type. Very laid-back, hip-hop being blasted, art on the walls and the staff were informative but also didn’t pester you at all and were super friendly. 

We also visited Ivans Ramen. Lots of people know about this place and I’d wanted to visit since I saw his episode on Chefs table. It was great, I might have even prefered the starters to the Ramen! (Don’t shoot me!) 

We stayed at the Ludlow on the lower east side and at first I was a bit worried about the area because it was very different to others I’d stayed in before (Midtown, Chelsea) but as soon as I walked down one street it was a yes. It reminded me a lot of Shoreditch. Industrial, raw, creative and blooming. 

The Ludlow is much the same, but it’s like it’s own little world inside. It reminded me of Soho House’s Slightly cooler cousin. (Sorry Soho, I love you too). 

I would highly recommend staying there, every aspect about it was perfect for us. The customer service was on point, they even switched our room for us when we explained that it looked smaller that the one we had booked online. 


We walked and ate…ALOT! Made about 529 coffee stops (We loved the coffee over there, good and strong, our fave kind) Squeeled at all of the dogs (Maybe just me audibly), caught the subway for the first time and took a stroll through Central Park, which slightly resembled Antarctica. We were there during a Polar vortex so it reached -10 degrees making the strolls a bit tense but being Brits, of course we soldiered on. 

Until next time N.Y. If anyone fancies letting me squeeze into your NYC apartment with my child, husband and slobbery dog feel free to reach me via email.

I hope you enjoyed seeing it through my eyes!