London Shopping!

Hey heyyyy! So i went to London yesterday with my sister, and i hauled lol, the whole reason was to go to MAC because where i live its quite far away wherever you go which sux =[
But i wanted a few bits and bobs aswell so i thought, hey..westfield would be good! If youre from around London u’ll defo know of Westfield but if you havent been, i recommend it! Its amazin, its like an indoors oxford street…yayy! =D lol ahem so anyway heres what i got

1 – MAC Blotting power [medium dark] – I wanted this to set my foundation because i hate looking shiny…its not a good look for me…dewy dosent really work..lol I was gonna get Studio fix but the lady said get this it would be better..she also asked loads of questions about where i do my uni course and i got scared lol

2 – MAC 129 Powder/blusher brush – I dont have any mac brushes because theyre so darn expensive but ive always wanted one..so i got this one =]

3 – St Tropez bronzing mosse, I searched for this for aaaages after seeing so many reviews and Kandeethemakeupartist recommends it so it looked amazinnn, i still gotta try it.

4 – Pink heart Vintage style earings – Topshop

5 – Make-up bag from Boots – Omg i loooovveee this, the roses are so pretty! I kept showing my sister lol

This was a pic from the top of westfield it you havent seen it recently ^_^

Me and my sis

I might do a video review of what i brought because ive gotten some requests to do that
Till then Ciao!