After completing her degree in Fashion styling, Samantha went on to become the go-to girl within the blogosphere for personal style inspiration, relatable chats, Lookbooks and beauty advice.

Though often known as a Youtuber, Sam actually started this blog first back in 2009 while studying and it is still where she turns to share her style inspirations, daily outfits and ever-evolving personal style.

The blog aims to inspire by way of being the media through which Sammi can channel her creativity, her thoughts and her personality. Staying true to herself, while embracing the vulnerability which can come from sharing the odd fashion-mistake too, which naturally tends to happen over the years…but which is a symptom of personal growth and of life.

Having always come from a family who loves a good bargain, she aims for her outfits to reflect that and to always include some affordable, accessible items – while also having a love and appreciation for the odd designer piece or accessory too(Handbags being her chosen poison). This has always been a place which hopes to be relatable yet inspiring.


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