Loreal Double extend Review & FOTD


Hi guys Im gonna give you my review of the Loreal mascara called ‘double extend’ which promises 80% more volume/length and it ‘tubes’ your lashes.

[I made a video recently of some of my fave products etc and i was going to put them up but i just feel im so bad a videos! Im gonna stick to writing for now.. =]

So i just brought this today, i was gonna get it before but it was quite pricey at £9.77 but today i just thought sod it and i got it =D

You firstly apply the white nourishing side, and even when i put the white on my lashes i noticed a difference in length, Then after while the white side is still wet you put the black lengthening and volumising mascara on.

The Result:

This product is amazing and it definatly does what it claims to do, i have recently tried ‘false lash effect’ from Maybelline and personally i thought it was crud but this one is amazing =] It makes my lashes look so long and especially when i curl them before or afterwards.
Ive yet to remove it lol because it is late but im lazy and usually take my make-up off last thing at night lol but it is supposed to just come off easily just by using warm water and cotton wool.

Id definatly buy this mascara again when it runs out, its quite happy stopped my search of ‘the mascara that actually works’ for now lol

Hope this has helped with anyone who’s still looking for a good mascara!

Whats your favourite mascara?

Sammi xoxo