Remington Wet 2 Straight straighteners Review

Hey all =]
I was sent these Remington Straighteners the other day after being asked if i’d like to take part in giving feedback on the product which i said i’d love to be!
These straighteners are unique in the way that you can use them on wet or damp hair without needing to blow-dry.
This is great for people on the go..like me lol.

So ive taken quite a few photos so that you can see them from a few different angles and see what is included in the box.

How they look and feel

The straighteners are are dark purple colour and they have a rough kind of plastic feeling handle (well, covering most of them) Then there is a small part of smooth plastic near the plates.
The rougher plastic actually makes them better to handle and that plastic dosent heat up so they are uncomfortable to hold.
There is text and a screen on the top and then buttons on the side which are for the temperature, wet/dry hair and power.
They are also slightly curved and so fit nicely in your hand when using them.

How do they work?
When you switch them on they heat up straight away in about 15 seconds and the screen flashes showing the temperature they are currently at. The screen stops flashing when they reach about 200 degrees, you can adjust the temperature to whatever you’d like though.
[They go up to 230 Degrees]
You can also press the button which looks like a little cloud which switches to when the hair is wet so that the steam plates respond to the wet hair.

Did I notice a difference?
I did notice a difference, I washed my hair and then towel dried it a little, then i sprayed on some heat-protection spray and strightened my hair with the straighteners, They did take a little longer to work than my current GHD’s do but not too much. When my hair was straightened i went outside (on my way to uni lol) and when i did look at my hair it looked ALOT shinier, i was impressed! My hair is very very curly so it isnt always the shiniest but it was after using these straighteners so this is a definate plus.

Would I recommend them?

I would recommend them yes =] If you are someone who is on the go alot and/or straightens your hair daily and know how much of a pain it is in the morning, then you would find these straighteners great!
It cuts out the whole blow-drying time because of the special plates these straighteners have and that personally for me is a miracle lol.
The only negative would maybe be that you have to take a little longer on one section of hair to get it straight, for me it took about two of three pulls with the tongs, but its still worth it, seeing as your not blow drying!

4 and a half Stars to Remington wet 2 straight straighteners!

[Showing the upper side of the Straighteners]

[Side of the straighteners showing the buttons]

Thank you for reading,

Sammi xoxo