ModelsOwn Nail Varnish Review

Hey there guys fancy seeing you here, hehe
So yesterday I brought this nail varnish from River Island, amongst the CRRAZYYYNESS of christmas shopping (its scary!)
Anywho the brand is ModelsOwn (www.modelsownit.com)
There was a gold and then this colour, they do alot more but these were the only ones left lol, I thought this colour would be lovelyy because it looked kinda christmassyyy (is that a word? lol) its called Disco Mix.

The colours are purple & blue, and they look lovelyy together. I dont usually..everr..wear glitter nail varnish so this was different for me but i thought hey..you only live once right.


I love the colour of this polish, you have to put on about two coats to get good coverage. I didnt mind that because i usually do that anyway, I had it on for a day and by the end it had chipped a little bit, kinda normal..as much as my other rimmel polishes, i figure its because this varnish kinda feels ‘chunky’, if its chips..a ‘chunk’ will come off.
Anywho it is goodd, there is probably better glitter varnishes out there though, its good for £5 because the colours are pretty and it looks good under some lights and better under others (random lol)

4 Stars!

Sammi xoxo