New hair ya’ll!

So you mayyyy have noticed i recently cut and coloured my hair…blonde lol, i havent been blonde for aaaagessss but i was actually inspired by Rihanna after watching her performance on xfactor (that sounds really bad but i didnt shave my head or anything lol)

I was inspired by the cut and the shade and decided to try it out, You can actually see it a bit better in the video of my below or go to my channel where theres another vid! www.youtube.com/beautycrush
So this is what inspired me-

Here are just the first few pics i took after doing my hair, obviously you cant see it properly! but it gives you an idea of the fringe and colour

So let me know what you think! Make sure you check out one of my recent videos for a better view of the cut

Bye Dolls! xoxo