MAC Fix + Review

Hey all, hope everyone is well,
I shall be doing a review on MAC’s Fix +

So it is a skin revitaliser, it is also supposed to set your makeup and make it last a little longer throughout the day.
It consists of alot of natural ingredients, including spring water, Cucumber estract, Caffine & tea

I heard ALOT about this product from youtube beauty vloggers and thought i would give it a try, what actually attracted me was how i heard, you can use it after powdering your face to get rid of that ‘cakey’ powdery look which personally i hate because it dosent look natural atall, yet i need to do it or my skin will get oily!
So I mainly got it to counteract my poweriness lol

After using it quite a few times i have to say, i do really like this product! It does work for getting rid of a cakey look, it makes u feel more fresh and revitalised. I didnt notice a huuugeeee difference with the staying power (because my makeup always lasts the same amount of time during the day no matter what i try to do to change that lol )

I recommend this product to anyone..it would be great to take with you throughout the day to use to refresh yourself, or just use in the morning after applying your makeup.
Or..just use it alone! lol

Thumbs up =]

My Rating: *****