SkinMD Moisturizer Review

Hi dolls im going to do a review on a moistuizer I was kindly sent from the creators of the Skin MD Natural products.

I was sent a little box containing one of their moisturizers and some samples also a few leaflets which explain the product and what it does.

They Claim:

If you have been looking for a skincare product that can heal dry skin and keep the ravages of time at bay, take a look at the breakthrough based on years of research by docters and chemists – Sheilding lotion

The idea –

The cream creates an invivible protective layer which prevents the bodys essentual oils and nutrients from getting washed away and seals all the good things in so you are left with beautifully moisturized skin.

My Verdict –

I used this cream for a few days and even from first using it i noticed a difference, i put it on my hands first as i got excited to use it when i first received it. It made them feel soooo soft, It lasted about 40 mins to an hour initally but if you apply the cream throughout the day and then over a few weeks it makes more of a lasting effect.
I then started using it on my face, it did make my face feel amazingly soft! The only thing with my skin is that my skin is never dry so i didnt see a difference in the cream eleminating dryness from my face as i dont get dryness, I thought though, this cream would probably be better for me to use on my hands and body, I have been doing so and i just love using this cream! I carry it around during the day and its just lovely and light so i dont feel all caked in product.

(You also dont need much product atall, i used a pea sized amount for my face)

If you have dry skin i would definatly recommend this product, im not sure how much it retails for as ive never seen it in the shops and its from L.A i think but you can check out the website here;


I apologize for this review being late, ive been up to my eyes in everything!

Rating from me : 4 Stars!!

Just because on my skin i dont have dryness so i wouldnt use it for my face as much but definatly anywhere else.

Sammi xoxo