St Moriz Review

Hi dolls,
I thought its about damn time i done a review lol. I decided to do one on the St Moriz Bronzing Mousse.
So this is explained to be a great dupe for the St Tropez Instant Bronzing Mousse and in short..it is, but i’ll share with you my experience.

So the packaging is fine, no faults or anything! (ive had the St tropez Mousse before) and its pretty similar to the St Tropez product.
I know everyone always complains about the scent of fake tan products but to be honest i havent used alot of fake tanners just as i dont feel i need to but i tried this one to see if i could get a bit of colour on my face. Anywho i didnt really get there there was a bad scent from this product, i found the scent ok!

It comes out dark, which is a good thing because you can see where you are applying the Mousse. I found this handy but the only thing is you have to work really quickly so that it looks even..and then quickly wash your hands so you dont look like youve been man-handling chocolate.

This wasnt really a big issue but i suppose its a technique that gets better with practice.

Initally after i put the mousse on, it made my skin about 2 shades darker then my natural skin colour..and unfortunatly it made my skin a bit blotchy. HOWEVER..im not sure why it did this to me but ive never heard anyone else complaining of this and the St Tropex did exactly the same thing hence why i stopped using it. It makes my skin dark and patchy so i have to definatly use foundation over…but this may not be the case for you!

I can imagine without my weird skin lol it would do a lovely job. Be carefull not to apply too much though as it does get darker over time. (it develops)

It lasts all day which is good actually because then its not too harmful for the skin and also if you dont like the effect its only one day you’ll have it on for.

If you watch my youtube videos then..i had St Moriz on in my ‘products i regret buying’ video..you may notice i look darker!

I hope this review was helpful somehow!

Sammi xoxo

I brought mine from here – http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/invt/0019432&cm_vc=productpage