Xen Tan Review – First tanning experience!

Hey dolls, I have a little review for you today =]

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I am going to be putting up a review video of xen-tan on my youtube channel so stay tuned for that, until then i have one in writing for you

I broke my faketan-ginity (lol) after using xen-tan…shocking? probably! lol
I had never used a fake tan products before, growing up many girls used it and looked very very orange so that put me off completely!

Since a few years ago though I have heard of some actual good tanners which dont give you that orange colour but i was still a little scared to try any!
I did however use St Tropez bronzing mousse and St moriz Mousse on my face, because my face is lighter than my body and i thought it would give a good colour…it didnt work lol, Wasnt orange but just didnt work for me.

When i was asked if i would like to try out xen-tan i was pleased to try it as its summer and it would be nice to have a little boost of colour and glowiness! I done a little research on xen-tan to see what people thought and i had heard a little about it before, popular with a few celebrities..i thought i would give it a shot!

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I was sent the dark tanning lotion, the exfoliator above, a bronzer and a tanning mitt. Very nice of them to send me all of those products!
The exfoliating wash above smells lovely, its very fresh and minty smelling, i used it in the shower before tanning and used quite a generous amount, i think it did definatly help but i know i could find another exfoliator which gives similar results and perhaps for cheaper, But it does smell lovely so thats a plus.

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So the main product, the tanning lotion, firstly, this smells AMAZING! it is so sweet and i love sweet smells, it dosent have a horribe self-tan smell atall from what i could smell.
I started by applying it with the mitt, however i found that a bit annoying, for some reason i really didnt like using the mitt! I dont know if anyone else is like that? I used my hands to do the rest and i felt like i got a really good even colour going on.
The lotion comes out quite tinted, so you can definatly see where you are applying it. I found that if i missed a spot or needed to correct a spot, i could add a bit more to sort it out and it ended up fine.

It develops over 3 hours, after using it i had a great even tan, no streaks except a small one on my foot which wasnt a problem, i was actually really surprised it worked so well. It faded nicely aswell, no patchiness for me, it looked very natural.

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I was sent this bronzer also, It its pretty much matte except a few small shimmers which disappear on the face, its nice but isnt too pigmented, you can definatly build it up, but it gives a very nice natural bronze colour, not orange atall which is always good and the packaging is pretty nice!

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So all in all i was very pleased with the products i tried and tested! Out of them all i would reperchase the dark tanning lotion, The smell is just…lovely! lol

Their prices for the products are below just incase you were wondering =]

Dark Lotion – £25.95
Body Scrub – £12.95
Perect Bronze – £20.95

I hope this review has helpfull! I have had a great first experience and after using these products i now have their face tanner on my wish list! I’ve yet to find a good one!
Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know of any experiences you have had with xen-tan!

Happy Tanning =]

Sammi xoxo