H&M Sherling jacket + My experience

Hey dolls,
I have a bit of a rant for you today, sorry!
So I purchased this H&M jacket online around 3 weeks ago, at the time I had no idea the delivery would take that long, I assumed it was coming from somewhere in the UK and so would take the usual around 3-5 days (standard delivery).
However a few days after I ordered the jacket online I thought they were taking a while to text me with a message saying it has been dispatched etc, I went online and logged in, to find the jacket was going to take around another 2 weeks to come! I was in shock! I have never ordered something from a high street online store and waited for 3 weeks!!
So I waited and waited…..and waited, finally I received a text saying it has been dispatched and was going to be delivered soon by a courier.
Yesterday I had to attend Uni and so I was out of the flat in the morning and missed the delivery man (grr) which is obviously my own fault! So I had to wait till today as they supposedly don’t return on the same day for you when you phone to arrange another time.
This morning there was a knock at my door from a young looking fellow who gave me a odd stare as I signed for the package, anywho I done a cartwheel of happiness on my way back to bedroom and went to open the package.
When I opened the package there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke which seemed to have been trapped inside the package which I found really odd and not very nice =/
The jacket is lovely! Long waiting time aside its very comfortable and very warm! I could easily only wear one layer under it (with underwear also of course…lol)
So basically I am APPALLED with the delivery system H&M seem to have in the UK and I will NEVER EVER be purchasing anything online from them again!
I think its absolutely ridiculous that such a popular and huge UK high street chain takes 3 weeks to deliver you something as simple as one little jacket!
My bf suggested that they are new with delivering from their online store so maybe thats why but i think thats no excuse!
So sorry about my moaning but I wanted to make you all aware how long it might take!
Thanks for reading all the way through and for putting up with my rant! haha
Gorgeous jacket…….Rubbish delivery!
Whats your experience with H&M delivery?
Samantha xoxo