Hop, skip & jump

There photos were taken a little while ago, before my hair was darker so thats why it looks like it did before!
These were taken on one of my many trips to london, I have some exciting posts coming up, I was recently at LFW day2 at an amazing event which I will share with you all! Bare with me =]
Im also thinking at the moment of getting a new camera so there might be even better quality photos also! Also better quality videos if you watch them =] stay tuned!
I have such a crazy week coming up but I shall be updating my blog even through the madness!
Hope you all are well =]
Jumper – Topshop
Shorts – Primark
Tights – Primark
Brogues – Primark
Scarf – Topshop
Bag – Topshop
Sammi xoxo
(Dont forget to send me your style photos to faceoffashion@hotmail.co.uk) =]