A Birthday Glossybox

So this box marks Glossybox’s first birthday, I feel like they have been around so much longer than that, its crazy! The box was its usual colour but the paper was patterned with cupcakes, bows, lipsticks and more cuteness, I wanted so save it and wrap another present with it in the future…bit weird?…probably. So my box contained what you see here on the card in the last image.  Personally I did enjoy last months box more than this one but this box did consist of many products I would never have picked up myself and its always fun to do a little experimentation.

Noble isle shower + bath gel
I feel like this is such a luxury bath product, it is quite heavily scented (Enter Anchorman quote ‘It stings the nostrils‘) and smells like quite a strong perfume of some kind. It sounds odd but I feel like this is too grown up for me! (well..im not the most mature of people anyway but you get my drift) I didn’t find it particularly refreshing because of the strong scent of perfume, it lathers up really well but I wouldn’t purchase this myself anytime soon.

Lolita Lempicka + Si Lolita perfume
I received two testers, Both scents I found to be quite unusual and i’m terrible at describing scents but Si Lolita I found VERY strong, too much for me and for summertime, it reminds me of something my mum or nan would wear in winter (see? i’m terrible)
However the original Lolita Lempicka (Purple one) is very different, I like this one quite alot, not enough to go and and buy it stat, but its alot softer and has a kind of warm/mysterious scent going on.

Apivita Orange beauty mask
Now…I hate anything orange flavoured unless its oranges or orange juice, random fact, so I was a little apprehensive before trying this. I still gave it a go, It did smell of oranges but it wasn’t too overpowering, it felt very cooling on my face at first but after 5 minutes it heated up my face which I wasn’t used to atall not having tried a thermal mask before. It left my face feeling soft but I wasn’t a fan of the effect it had while on the skin and i dont think it done anything too amazing on the whole.

OSMO Berber oil (With Argan oil)
Eh I dont have too much to say about this product, First off I don’t like the smell, It has a bit of a sickly sweet scent which I never like to use in my hair because it just feels odd. The consistency is nice and quite light but I didnt see a massive difference after using it.

Eldora false lashes
I cant say too much about these because I haven’t used them properly yet, i’m very picky with lashes because I dont like them to look too thick & heavy but I held these onto where they would usually be applied and they actually didnt look too bad, I would probably use these on a big/fancy dress occasion though because of the design.

***There was also a birthday balloon which was very cute but I am allergic to powder latex which balloons usually have on them (found this out the hard way at a friends birthday when I was young!) So I steer clear of balloons…Betcha didnt know that! haha***

Its not my favourite box and it has some unusual scents in here but nevertheless, Happy birthday Glossybox! Im looking forward to what the next one has in store!

What caught your eye? let me know what you got in your box! Hope you are all well,

Sammi x