Flat snaps

Hey dolls,
So I mentioned in one of my last posts about moving and if you watched the video I posted the other day you probably know all about it so I wont rabbit on too much here but basically I have finally moved out of my family home after being in an awkward post-uni stage.
I have always, always wanted to move closer into west London…since I moved from where I grew up, halfway through high-school. I’m renting a flat in SW London, A beautiful town which Ricky (bf) actually introduced me to, its quaint, cute….and it has a SpaceNK! (Get in, haha)

That aside, Its great to have a place that I can finally add my own touch to and get fun and quirky bits and bobs to match my personality! I’ve only been here for a week so there are SO many more things I need to get, but these are a few touches i’ve added so far. I will most probably go more into detail about all of them in a haul I will put up soon on my channel. For now though, I hope you like the little sneek peek of my place! =]

Sammi xoxo