What a Jolie August

Hey dolls,
Here is this months Joliebox! Im a little late on this one as it got to me a little later than usual but not to worry!
What I first noticed was the multi-coloured box itself, its so pretty! (I believe it was in collaboration with Timai) The box is a summer themed special edition with a variety of grab-and-go beauty essentials, so I had a delve.

Best product?
The items which I am most intrigued by are the Dr. Bronners MAGIC All-one soaps, They come in the cutest cardboard packaging which gives them a really homemade/organic feel and they smell amazing. Apparently they are some celebs fave!

Not-so-good product?
The item which I dont think i’ll get too much use out of is the Leather hair styling lace, Im not a big hair person and I dont do too many fancy do’s unfortunatly, plus I wouldnt be sure how to incorporate it! But it would probably work well on someone who knows what they’re doing!

Overall its not my favourite box and there have been boxes in the past I have liked alot more but, you win some, you lose some! Im looking forward to trying out the soaps and the So Susan wide awake palette, which I thought was rather fancy/cute to receive in a beauty box, lovely! They are not all things I would necessarily need for summer but Im always up for trying new products!

Oh also – As always I loved the Joliemag! I think its such a great idea for a beauty box and is an interesting and concise read, Also spotted the lovely Estee in there! Hurrah! Was lovely to read her interview =]

What did you think of the box?

Sammi x