My Current Makeup Bag

Hey guys,
Today I thought we could take a little delve into whats hiding inside my makeup bag at the moment. I probably don’t need to say this but I didn’t change any of the contents when I grabbed it for this post, Hence a lot of random and extra things were in there that I didn’t even realise!
So lets delve a little deeper…

Okay, God knows why I need THREE Lip treatments! They are all great though especially with the cold weather at the moment.

Now, again…Someone needs to tell me why I have so many pencils in my bag! I don’t even use most of them on a daily basis to be honest! They are all colours which I tell myself I ‘might need one day’ – They can sometimes come in handy!

I seem to like my reddish-pinks at the moment! This body shop lipstick is a new favourite of mine (Shade 13), The two MAC Lipsticks are Plumful + Plink

Miscellaneous Items! My current favourite powder, I always carry lash glue around with me even though i never wear them in the day and I like to carry a mini perfume sample around, Because you never know! At the moment its Chloe, its gorgeous!
Makeup Bag – Urban Outfitters

Thats everything I found in my makeup bag today, I hope you like this post and a little insight into what I use and carry around. I hope you are all having a lovely and cozy sunday evening, Im off to finish cooking the roast! (how Cliche)

Sammi x