The NUDE Skincare

*NUDE Treatment oil  £58.00
NUDE Perfect clensing oil  £28.00
NUDE Celllar renewal serum  £64.00

I have been testing out these products for a few weeks now and I have really been enjoying them so I thought I would give them a little review and tell you guys what I think!

I believe NUDE is quite a new skincare line and I have seen their products in SpaceNK and also John Lewis recently – They are more on the ‘high end’ price wise, as you can see above! But are they worth it?

Treatment oil
This is possibly the most luxurious feeling oil I have used on my skin thus far, I use it overnight in place of my moisturiser and i’m sure its reminiscent of the Estee Lauder Advanced night repair which I have always wanted to try. 
This is rich in Omega oils too (3,6,7 & 9) which makes me feel that i’m doing alot of good for my skin and with the perception of ‘natural’ skincare changing alot these days with all the different products around, I feel this one genuinely gives my skin a bit of what it needs!
The morning after I use this my skin feels much plumper and has a natural glow about it which is always good! It makes my skin feel extra soft and dosent sit on the skin but sinks in well (even with my combo-oily skin). I personally think the price is pretty high! It would be a lovely present to someone or a great big treat to yourself! 
Perfect cleansing oil
I think the price of this product is much more reasonable and I also think this product works wonders! Things I always put into consideration when looking to purchase a new skincare product. 
It removes my eye and face makeup incredibly – Even waterproof makeup. It is light and gentle on the skin and is very easy to use. It comes with a pump so is very hygienic and I also love the packaging! If you are looking for a new cleansing oil I defiantly recommend this one =] (I actually enjoyed using it more than my Shu Uemura cleansing oil)
Cellular Renewal serum
Now this product is the highest in price out of the three and I will share what I can about it but I feel that I want to try it out for even longer before giving you a total/full review. I do really love this product so far, I use it morning and night, before my moisturiser. This serum sinks into the skin like no other! It disappears so fast so no time is wasted waiting around until you can apply your next cream/makeup product. The cap of this product and also the treatment oil has a built-in Pipette so you can squeeze out exactly how much product you want which is super-handy. As I said, I need to use this a little more to get a full idea but at the moment I think the price is a little too high personally!

Overall I think these are very nourishing, luxurious and effective products, defiantly worth a try – They made a noticeable difference to my skin after only using them for a short amount of time. I love the packaging and I also like that they are not too heavily scented. I think the only thing here is maybe the price point, the two treatments would defiantly be ‘special’ buys!

Let me know what you think of these, and if you have tried them or not! =]

*Ooh also if you wanted to check out even more skincare you can see the John Lewis skincare hub here

Sammi xx