Christmas Eve Photo Diary

I know this is rather late to post, but here is mine and Jasons christmas eve by pictures – We woke up and he made me this AMAZING bacon & avocado ciabatta (my first bacon sandwich ever)
Then we head to central London to pick up some last minute bits, soak in the sights and most importantly, do a lot of eating!

We came across Jamie’s takeout and we were hankering for some warm and fast-ish food so grabbed a hot dog each, Jason said it was one of the best he had ever had! his was with bacon and mine was with sweet onions and the like. (Mine on the right)

We had a spot of ice skating at the ice rink next to the Natural history museum – It was so beautiful there, it was surrounded by fairy lights and had such a calm and comfortable atmosphere. We tried our best to get some snaps amongst everyone whizzing by!

We took a Soho stroll and ended up at Busaba Eathai (A Thai restaurant)
After that with our stomachs well and truly full we set back for home and got ready for christmas day! I think it was my best Christmas Eve ever ^.^

Apologies again for this being posted in the new year but I hope you liked the photos!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!