The Elk in the Woods

Last sunday consisted of a little trip to Angel, Angel is by far one of my favourite parts of London, especially more recently. There are so many nice restaurants, little independent shops, bars and cafes in quite a small area so everything is reachable and its a really laid-back, well looked after little area.

We (once again) tried to get into The Breakfast club this time in Angel, but low and behold there was a massive queue and once again we were too impatient to wait!
We found this little gem – The Elk In the Woods.


We walked in and had a little nose around, it had very wooden, rustic, cabin, LOTR vibe and the breakfast food looked delicious so we booked a table right away! (They didn’t have space for around 40 mins so we had a quick coffee while we waited)
I ordered an Earl grey tea and got busy snapping away, Apoligies there is no outfit post to accompany this, I was FROZEN on Sunday and totally lost track of fashion-blogger thought!
My top/tunic below though is from Topshop. < Link here
Jason ordered the first thing on the menu which was basically their full english.. 

& I ordered the vanilla pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and what I’m guessing was some type of fresh cream (Im not a big fan of cream so handled it very oddly)
– Side note, How cute is this plate?!

We also ordered the fries too after having spotted them earlier on looking extremely inviting – and they were.
The experience there was lovely though my pancakes were a little dry, that was my only complaint! I hadn’t tried pancakes with bacon before and oddly enough it was a very nice combination!
Reports from Jasons breakfast was that it was very nice too.

I’d defiantly go back to The Elk in the Woods because I loved the atmosphere and the style of the place, I’d love to try out more of their menu too.
If you’re in Angel and find yourself lost for a spot of breakfast, defiantly hit up this little treasure!