For our one-year-together anniversary (we’re not married but wanted to celebrate!) Jason surprised me by booking a one night trip to venice! I was flabbergasted. He couldn’t hold the secret for long and told me over the phone back when I was in Australia & we were 9,400 miles away, earlier in the year.

I actually quite liked that it was a short stay because we really appreciated EVERYTHING and we made sure we crammed in as much good Italian food as possible! On the first day we checked into our hotel (Hotel Papadopoli), did a quick change and then headed out to explore, we walked up to St. Marks Square which was bursting at the seams with people and pigeons – a spectacular architectural sight. It then started raining so we darted into a restaurant and had some pizza before going back to the hotel and getting ready for dinner and Gelato

On the second day we rolled out of bed and went on the hunt for breakfast, we walked for so long that breakfast became lunchtime so we had some seafood and pasta and then went to catch a Gondola to see more of the city by water.

This place is like nowhere else i’ve ever been, many people said it was a smelly place because of the water/dirt but it wasn’t that bad when we went. Gondoliers bellow from the boats, sing and whistle while they row, Church bells ring every few hours, there are people from all over the world trying to wind their way to the best tourist spots through the narrow, signposted streets and there were dogs EVERYWHERE – we loved that!

We quickly realised that Venice is NOT cheap, but its a place that will be a once in a lifetime experience and its not somewhere you need to stay for long to absorb everything. The people really have a sense of humour and are very polite, the food was great, I think my favourite was the Gelato!

There is way too much to say about it so i’ll stop here and hopefully you can get more details from my vlog when its up, I also took some more photos of my outfits which will be up soon.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Sammi x