Diptyque have released a new rose-themed collection, just in time for valentines day named Rosafolia. I have the candle and it is my first Diptyque item (little excited scream), which I’m sure will have me hooked.
The first thing sure to catch your eye is the beautiful limited-edition white jar which I cannot wait to use even when the candle itself is finished. A hypnotic pattern of roses and vine leaves.
I like a good rose scent but when it is too strong it puts me off completely, This candle though gives a light, fresh and slightly sweeter scent than other rose candles I have tried and is lighter than their previous rose collection. 
“A scented candle whose verdure, enhanced by a touch of galbanum, is gracefully diffused at the heart of Turkish rose absolute, the softness of petals sharpened by the understated vitality from a hint of geranium.”
Is how they explain it, I have been burning it for a few days now and it sets a calm, tranquil atmosphere, with a blossomy green twist on the traditional rose scent. 
I am so happy to finally own a Diptique candle after literally years of umming and arring while browsing the aisles at Space NK, not sure weather to spend that amount of money on a new bronzer, skincare or a candle I wouldn’t be sure i’d like. Now I would happy go in now and buy another! 
Beautiful jar & beautiful product. (Let me know your favourite Diptyque candle, I am itching to try others!)

Sammi x