Just a short post today, but our little family went down to Brighton a few days ago to revel in the sunshine and take the dogs in the sea for the first time, so I wanted to share some snaps from the day

Not long after we got there it was already lunchtime so we found a very quaint and pretty seafood restaurant where you can dine alfresco and got stuck in.
Jason went for the Muscles, I went for the Seabass (then didn’t realise it was whole and couldn’t stare at the poor dead eyes of the fish for very long so asked if they could remove the head for me) whoops.
It was very tasty, delicate and very nicely presented, I was chuffed because they had gluten-free bread as an option and the couple next to us were dog lovers which made the experience alot easier!

It was blisteringly hot (for us Brits) on the day so I went for simple denim dungarees/Overalls which were perfect for walking around town and frolicking in the sea with the dogs in.

I had an ice cream on the beach, grabbed bens cookies for the ride home (really wanted to visit more stores but ran out time!) and we headed home in time for dinner.
It’s always lovely to get away to a different area for the day and Brighton has me wanting to return very soon!
Sammi x