This week my friend Hannah and I got together to catch up and have a bite to eat at the fresh-off-the-block Ivy Garden in Chelsea. I had wanted to go for a long time and was eager to finally try it out!(After pottering around Anthropoligie)

The building and interior is impressive. You walk inside to a large room laced with copper finishing, plated with frosted glass, decadent mirrors and glowing an incandescent gold.
It’s classy but not unwelcoming. We didn’t sit outside this time but it looked delightful out there – and what the place is known for i’m guessing!

Hannah went for the Chicken salad with avocado & Quinoa and the green juice and I went for exactly the same! We also had some truffle and parmesan chips (These were the best truffle chips I have ever tried – So full of flavour and I tried to top every single chip with the parmesan shavings which proved quite funny to watch!)
There is absolutely nothing I can complain about with this meal – It was delicious for lack of a better & more extravagant word! Wholesome, tender chicken (not overcooked and bland like some breasts), the salad was light and fresh but the accompanying sauce was rich & tangy so it was the perfect balance.

Feeling like we had room for a little more after the main event, Hannah insisted that the chocolate bomb was well worth ordering and I am so glad she recommended it.
The waitress came to the table with the bomb and a little sauce boat of what I’m guessing was the caramel flavoured sauce – The Bomb disappears in front of your eyes as the sauce is poured on top, leaving an ice-cream centre for you to tuck into (we shared and it was just enough for an afternoon treat for two)
I can’t even explain the whole experience of this – A party in your mouth and everyone is invited? Book a table just to indulge in it!

After Hannah and I said our farewells, I had about an hour to myself in London and then I met Jason, we’d had an invite to view the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the national portrait gallery. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but we enjoyed it thoroughly.
Afterwards we sat at Monmouth St. and had dinner and then headed home.

Dress – American Apparel / Flats – Topshop

What a fulfilling day!
By the way guys – I’m off on holiday this Friday so there will be a little gap with my uploads.
I have been anticipating this holiday for so long and it will be so nice to have a little break away from social media and all platforms but I will be shooting while i’m out there so there shall be posts as soon as i’m back!
(I might even post while i’m away if I really get the blogging-bug) but thank you in advance for being patent with me and see you all very soon!
I’ll be uploading still regularly on my Instagram incase you wanted to stay up-to-date.
Sammi x