Top – Zara (Similar) | Skirt – ASOS | Blazer – Mango | Bag – Zara | Glasses – CELINE via. Smartbuyglasses

These babies are my first pair of designer sunglasses, I have been lusting over the Celine New Aubrey’s for a long time and I had been in and out of stores asking if they were available anywhere for quite some time, with no luck.
I love how large the frames are because I have a big-old-head and it’s usually the case that frames are too small for me but these fit extremely well, while also looking amazing on girls who have what I call a ‘normal head size’ – They seem to compliment everyone!
I nabbed these beauties via Smartbuyglasses, I was so glad to finally find them and delivery was very quick which is always a bonus.
This style will take me from summer into the colder months – which in the UK, still tend to be pretty bright and you often still do need your trusty sunnies.
I will still be styling these glasses up for a long time!
Sammi x