Shirt – Urban Outfitters / Pleather Skirt – ASOS / Jacket – Amanda Wakeley
Boots – Public Desire / Pom pom – Helen Moore / Ring – The Great Frog

Bare legs in November?!
I’ve been getting alot of this recently, The fact is, my legs genuinely don’t tend to get cold very easily – they do nearer December I guess. So I will take to the streets in an outfit like this for most of the year, quite happily.
My blog and youtube channel are both for style inspiration, i’m never urging anyone to wear exactly what I wear but if anyone does like any outfits I am always so pleased if they can take any ideas away with them.
This isn’t so much to my lovely blog readers but I get this alot on social media and youtube – ANYWHO!

It was this exquisite boxy jacquard jacket from Amanda Wakeley which allowed me to go a little more bold in the leg department because it kept me super warm. I played with the masculinity of the jacket, matching it with a loose oversized shirt but then a pleather mini-skirt and these fabulous heeled boots to add a little height and balance me out a little with the size of the jacket being what it is.

The winter nights though are drawing in….and I can see tights….on the horizon 😉

Sammi x

Photography by: www.jasondavisblog.com < Psst! Jasons new blog 🙂