CHANEL have some vibrant Spring offerings, I can’t start getting ready for a little sunny weather fast enough!

Just landed on my desk is the new colourful ‘summer-in-LA’ inspired CHANEL spring collection.
Needless to say, I had to share the love/beauty and give you some of my initial thoughts on it all, I obviously need to try some of these items out for a little longer to have a better & well-formed opinion but here we go with my first impression roundup.

What caught my attention first was the new Chance perfume. I have worn this perfume for years and it has always been part of my collection so to smell a new take on it was very interesting and refreshing. It’s name is ‘Eau Vive‘ and it is a perkier, sharper version. Vibrant and of course floral, with hints of zesty grapefruit, blood orange, Cedar & Iris.
The girl (Or guy) who wears this is young at heart, bubbly, outdoorsy, daring and a little cheeky.

A stand-out to me is the Le Beige foundation. Lightweight on the skin, it has a medium coverage and gives a radiant yet velvety finish to the skin. It is formulated for all skin types (perhaps unless you are super oily)
I have been trialling this foundation for just over a week and it is quickly becoming part of my daily routine and would easily be a go-to foundation for me.
It looks like skin but with a little more texture and it is also buildable so it would work if you are someone who likes the option of having more coverage. It will be perfect for when we come into slightly warmer weather, I can picture wearing it on warm summer days when I just want to add a glow veil and a slight blur to my skin and I don’t want to use something that would make me look like i’ve tried too hard.

The sun kiss ribbon blush makes me not even want to touch it because of its stunning pressed interlaced pattern. Fantastic for someone who wants to add some brightness & cheer to their complexion. Due to the complex & clever mix of shades, I believe it would suit an array of different skin tones.
Easy to work with and to apply, you only need a light hand as it is well-pigmented.

I haven’t used the other items as of yet so I don’t want to write about them with no knowledge behind my words but there are also the longwear eyeshadows, bright waterproof eyeliners and new shades of Rouge coco shine (not pictured here) which are extremely comfortable on the lips, moisturising and eye-catching in tone.
Oh and I mustn’t forget that Sunrise trip nail varnish, I die for shades like this and it probably doesn’t do it justice shown just from the bottle, so I will be getting that on my nails as soon as possible.

What catches your eye?

Sammi x